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♥*♥*♥* Go with the flow! ♥

Take a Jump

Whenever you have a feeling that something is right,
Courageously follow it without losing sight!
Be open to the ideas of what others suggest,
But remember to always trust yourself as you know what is best!
Take a jump and trust you will land in a good place,
And don’t worry even if that isn’t the case.
Sometimes what seems bad in the moment is actually something really great,
As long as you are able to trust and actively wait!
Let’s assume that your jump worked out for the best,
Allow all of the wonderful things in your life to manifest!
Soak in every moment and let the bliss spread through you …
Oh, how exciting it so to make a change and do something new!
Never stop being grateful for the marvelous things that come your way,
Otherwise they won’t be as willing to extend their stay.
Remember that one day you have something and the next it could disappear,
So simply make gratitude a daily focus, and happiness will always be near!
No matter what, trust that voice that comes from within,
As you will allow so many awesome things to begin!
Listening to yourself will feel so fresh and true,
As you will start to see things from a perfectly new view.
Trying something different and letting go can be hard,
But try with all of yourself to let down your guard.
Everything real can’t be threatened and will be with you wherever you go,
So don’t worry. Trust. Take a jump and go with the flow!

- By Monisqua Carolan

Love, love, love!

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