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Keep your head up!

You run from that which is honest and real,
Instead of allowing yourself to actually feel …
Feel something that provokes in you a sense of life,
That could actually melt away all of the mundane strife.
Why do you run from that which is good for you?
And allow yourself to feel down and blue?
What do you think will come from being sad?
Nothing good! So smile and simply be glad!

When you are angry, everything will seem against you,
Nothing will work out right, no matter what you pursue.
You’ll get more and more frustrated each and every day,
By trying to keep what is good for you at bay.
Stop judging the present on what happened in the past,
And let yourself create new loving moments that will last.
Just because one thing went wrong doesn’t mean it will again,
Create the circumstances you want. Life is the paper and you are the pen!

Someone once told me that one day I would see,
How cruel the world is, and how this knowledge would change me.
They told me to enjoy my happiness now, as one day it would disappear,
And I would no longer find a reason to smile or cheer.
If someone ever tells you this, understand it comes from his or her fear,
Their fears of being hurt or seeing love disappear.
Let their sadness fuel your eagerness to spread love even more,
As keeping your head up and spreading love is what will truly open the door.

Ahh yes, I know that complications will arise,
But don’t worry! Remember that you are strong and wise.
Everything that comes your way is because you can handle it,
So don’t stop trying, loose faith, get angry, or quit.
It’s time to keep your head up! Because if you want to be happy you have no other choice,
But to simply allow good into your life and happily rejoice!
I know that you are going to do marvelous and great things,
Once you start believing in the strength of your own wings.

- By Monica Carolan

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