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♥ Everything is going to be just fine ♥

Don’t cry little one, everything will be ok.
Tomorrow is going to be a bright and beautiful new day.
You’re never alone, even if that is what you feel …
Just remember that situations aren’t always ideal.
If we choose to change the way we think and focus on what makes us smile,
We’ll finally create a life of love with our own unique, artistic style!
The birds are chirping and the butterflies are flying gracefully in the sky,
The wind is blowing gently and the sun is shining nearby.
The children are playing, reminding you that everything is more then fine,
And that maybe the reason we are here is to simply be happy and shine.
So no matter how exhausted you may be, make sure you are holding on tight …
Because life will catch you by surprise and before you know it, you’ll be flying as high as a kite!
Do what you must to turn that frown upside down …
Nobody wants to be hanging around sad frowns!
Remember that you are special in every single way,
Even if that isn’t what other people say.
Fill your life with infinite moments of love,
And finally, you will feel as free as a dove. 
-By Monica Carolan

♥ Love, love, love. ♥

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  1. Dear Moni :o) ... You are truly gifted! Wow ~ what a contribution you make to society. More power to ya' :o) ... Grateful ~ Denise