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A fish with a wish!

When does all this spinning finally stop?
I don’t know. Maybe on a faraway mountaintop?
Maybe on the bottom of the deep blue sea,
Or hidden behind the thick branches of a tree?
Maybe roaming through the wide, open sky,
Where the birds fly so freely, oh so high!
Maybe in a desert, so sandy and hot …
Who knows where to find this perfect spot?

I yearn to know the answers, but I’m just a simple fish.
I’m a fish with a big heart, and an immense wish:
I wish that every one could live in happiness and peace,
Maybe all the dizziness would finally cease?
I wish the world would realize how much love there is to share,
And how beautiful it’d be if everything were fair.
I wish that fear didn’t exist and would simply disappear,
Maybe our sense of purpose would finally be clear?

Love is the magical cure, at least down here in the sea.
I know that Mr. Owl up in the sky certainly agrees!
I think that the Panda down on land agrees as well …
Oh, this is fantastic! How so very swell.
So since we all agree that love will make the dizziness come to an end,
Let’s forgive, let go of the past, and make necessary amends!
Life is short, so let’s not waste any more time feeling dizzy,
And let’s start lovin’… it’s time to get busy!
-By Monica Carolan

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