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♥*♥*♥* Go with the flow! ♥

Take a Jump

Whenever you have a feeling that something is right,
Courageously follow it without losing sight!
Be open to the ideas of what others suggest,
But remember to always trust yourself as you know what is best!
Take a jump and trust you will land in a good place,
And don’t worry even if that isn’t the case.
Sometimes what seems bad in the moment is actually something really great,
As long as you are able to trust and actively wait!
Let’s assume that your jump worked out for the best,
Allow all of the wonderful things in your life to manifest!
Soak in every moment and let the bliss spread through you …
Oh, how exciting it so to make a change and do something new!
Never stop being grateful for the marvelous things that come your way,
Otherwise they won’t be as willing to extend their stay.
Remember that one day you have something and the next it could disappear,
So simply make gratitude a daily focus, and happiness will always be near!
No matter what, trust that voice that comes from within,
As you will allow so many awesome things to begin!
Listening to yourself will feel so fresh and true,
As you will start to see things from a perfectly new view.
Trying something different and letting go can be hard,
But try with all of yourself to let down your guard.
Everything real can’t be threatened and will be with you wherever you go,
So don’t worry. Trust. Take a jump and go with the flow!

- By Monisqua Carolan

Love, love, love!


♥♥♥ GrOoVin' ... !

The Groove

I feel myself rising higher and higher into the sky,
Oh how amazing it is to be able to fly!
The more I allow my life to be created with love,
The quicker I am floating and escalating above.
The minute I feel a frown sneaking up on me,
I realize that changing my train of thought is the key.
If I follow something that makes me feel bad,
How can I expect to feel anything but sad?
I’ve decided to only follow things that bring a huge smile to my face,
Happiness, love and laughter are what I am going to embrace!
So goodbye sadness, fear, and regret,
You no longer have the power to make me upset!
I am stronger than anything that will try to reverse my smile,
And will always make sure that happiness is what guides my lifestyle.
When I allow love to guide me through each and every move,
I find myself in this perfectly flowing and peaceful groove.
Oh this groove- what a magical place to be …
So many wonderful things to learn, so many fantastic things to see!
Everything finally seems to make sense,
My gratitude for this deep love is extremely immense.
This peace is spreading quickly through each and every cell,
And it is making me feel much better than well!
Finally … A sense of peace and love to spread with each and every one,
It is time for all of us to let the groove shine through us like the sun!

- By Monica Carolan


Let's aLcHeMizE our lives ...

Strength is an extraordinary emotion- it remains dormant until it needs to expose itself. It instinctively knows when it needs to reveal itself, and when it needs to remain hidden. It humbly conceals its power and doesn’t ask for the acceptance or ego-stroking praise of anyone else. Strength is that superhero that comes out when we least expect it- and when we have no other choice but to be strong for ourselves- because in the real world, there is no superhero that is coming to save us. Everything changes: our friends, our lovers, our homes, and our jobs- nothing is constant and nothing is forever, except the strength and peace that we cultivate within ourselves.

So when you feel like the weight of life is simply too much to bear, that the delusions you have lived outweigh the moments of joy, or that the future is simply looking dim- find that strength within yourself and focus only on that.  That inner strength is the only thing that will follow you wherever you are, whoever you’re with, and whatever you are doing. It is the only guarantee that you will not only be ok, but that you will transform the current seemingly hard moment into something that brings only positivity and happiness into your life. We’re all alchemists and hold the ability to transform metal into gold … so let’s transmute ‘ordinary life’ into something spectacular! 


Keep your head up!

You run from that which is honest and real,
Instead of allowing yourself to actually feel …
Feel something that provokes in you a sense of life,
That could actually melt away all of the mundane strife.
Why do you run from that which is good for you?
And allow yourself to feel down and blue?
What do you think will come from being sad?
Nothing good! So smile and simply be glad!

When you are angry, everything will seem against you,
Nothing will work out right, no matter what you pursue.
You’ll get more and more frustrated each and every day,
By trying to keep what is good for you at bay.
Stop judging the present on what happened in the past,
And let yourself create new loving moments that will last.
Just because one thing went wrong doesn’t mean it will again,
Create the circumstances you want. Life is the paper and you are the pen!

Someone once told me that one day I would see,
How cruel the world is, and how this knowledge would change me.
They told me to enjoy my happiness now, as one day it would disappear,
And I would no longer find a reason to smile or cheer.
If someone ever tells you this, understand it comes from his or her fear,
Their fears of being hurt or seeing love disappear.
Let their sadness fuel your eagerness to spread love even more,
As keeping your head up and spreading love is what will truly open the door.

Ahh yes, I know that complications will arise,
But don’t worry! Remember that you are strong and wise.
Everything that comes your way is because you can handle it,
So don’t stop trying, loose faith, get angry, or quit.
It’s time to keep your head up! Because if you want to be happy you have no other choice,
But to simply allow good into your life and happily rejoice!
I know that you are going to do marvelous and great things,
Once you start believing in the strength of your own wings.

- By Monica Carolan


A fish with a wish!

When does all this spinning finally stop?
I don’t know. Maybe on a faraway mountaintop?
Maybe on the bottom of the deep blue sea,
Or hidden behind the thick branches of a tree?
Maybe roaming through the wide, open sky,
Where the birds fly so freely, oh so high!
Maybe in a desert, so sandy and hot …
Who knows where to find this perfect spot?

I yearn to know the answers, but I’m just a simple fish.
I’m a fish with a big heart, and an immense wish:
I wish that every one could live in happiness and peace,
Maybe all the dizziness would finally cease?
I wish the world would realize how much love there is to share,
And how beautiful it’d be if everything were fair.
I wish that fear didn’t exist and would simply disappear,
Maybe our sense of purpose would finally be clear?

Love is the magical cure, at least down here in the sea.
I know that Mr. Owl up in the sky certainly agrees!
I think that the Panda down on land agrees as well …
Oh, this is fantastic! How so very swell.
So since we all agree that love will make the dizziness come to an end,
Let’s forgive, let go of the past, and make necessary amends!
Life is short, so let’s not waste any more time feeling dizzy,
And let’s start lovin’… it’s time to get busy!
-By Monica Carolan


Maybe this is what love sounds like. ♥

Grazie Ludovico Einaudi! 

What is a life without love?

You chase that which isn’t right for you,
Do you truly just not have a clue?
No, I think that you really do know,
But sometimes it’s easier to pretend life is simply a show.
You could be with someone who really loves you as you are,
Someone who finds the beauty in your deep and healing scar.
Yet you prefer to choose the one that acts like you’re not there,
Someone who in reality, simply doesn’t care.
Maybe this is done to keep your true self at a distance,
Helping you cope with your suffering existence.
Or maybe this is done because opening to love is simply too painful for you to bear,
So you choose to live your life in a lie of despair.

But what kind of life is this?
Without true love, or a sweet, gentle kiss?
Opening to love may take a lot of dedication,
But in the long run will save you much frustration.
Give in to the one that you truly love.
Let your consciousness rise above.
Stop thinking your goal is match the demands of your mind,
And have the courage to be with someone with whom you truly feel aligned.
And when you find that person, don’t let them go,
Because it is only through being with them that you will truly grow.
Life is short, but can be simple and sweet,
When we realize that without love, we are simply incomplete.
-By Monica Carolan

Be brave. 


you create your happiness. ♥

Don’t expect happiness to be served to you on a plate, 
Or all you’ll be doing your whole life is wait, wait, and wait!
Stop sitting around hoping that happiness will come to you,
Try to follow a different path- something fresh and new!
You know very well that there’s no short cut to any place worth going,
And that only you can get your life truly flowing!
Think of the final goal and where you’d like to be,
Make sure to remain focused, as that is the key.
Find out what makes you smile and never loose sight,
Let love guide you, as it is the brightest light!

Everyone is good at something, no matter what others say,
So please believe in yourself, and move your fears out of the way!
You are very special and the world needs you,
And wants you to share with it all the marvelous things you can do.
Don’t stop and think about all the things that could potentially go wrong,
Instead, keep on moving forward- be brave, confident, fearless and strong!
Even if you fail and feel that you went in the wrong direction,
That’s ok! Don’t worry at all! There’s no such thing as perfection.
It’s never too late for a wonderful, fresh start,
So be brave, be happy, and follow your heart!
-By Monica Carolan



Have a beautiful day!

Wake up fresh as you have an empty slate ahead,
It is time to eagerly jump out of bed!
Every single day offers you a wonderful new chance,
To change your life and enhance your circumstance.
Yesterday is gone, never to return,
Today offers you an incredible new chance to learn.
Tomorrow is not yet here and will always remain unknown,
So all you can do is make today your own.
Forget about all that which happened in the past,
Otherwise you will keep yourself from presently having a blast!
Every day you are offered this special, fresh start,
Make sure to live it with all of your heart.
Time is a very precious thing,
If you allow it to, it will give you anything.
Try to fight it and things may go askew,
But even then, all you can do is simply work it through.

Let love surround you, no matter what you feel,
It is the only way to keep your life real.
As long as you are looking, you’ll find love everywhere,
And you will have infinite joy and happiness to share.
So get on up, as today is a fantastic, new opportunity,
For you to finally feel a calming sense of unity.
Yes, we are all separate, in our own little bubbles,
But maybe only together are we able to truly overcome our troubles.
Open up your heart to the idea of letting love in,
And you will find that across your face will spread an instant grin.
Today is your new chance to trust and think the best,
And to realize that no good will ever come out of feeling stressed.
Yes, troubles may come your way throughout the possibly trying day,
But all you have to do is remember that everything will always be ok.
Life really is beautiful, no matter what others say,
So get on up, and have a beautiful day!
-By Monica Carolan

Create a life of love.
Every day. 


Goodbye Fear!

One day I woke up and said: Goodbye Fear!
Don’t you ever try to come back around here.
There is no room for you anywhere in my life,
You have already caused me too much unnecessary strife.
So pack your bags and be on your way,
I have no interest in knowing where you are going to stay.
I used to think that I needed you in order to survive,
But the only thing you were good at was your ability to deprive.
You took away my confidence and filled it with doubt,
Causing my love for myself to drought.
But no more, Fear! Your time is done,
And my new life has only just begun.
I was so tired of always hearing you fight against love,
But as always, love was able to rise above.
I’m sorry Fear but you are simply impure …
Love will always be the cure!
Although before you leave there is one thing I would like to say,
Then you really will be on your way …
I would like to say thank you because you have helped me grow,
And now I simply feel ready to trust and go with the flow.
You helped me realize that as long as something is done with pure heart,
Nothing will ever tear love and I apart.
Now please leave, and don’t look back,
As your time is simply running out, ‘Tick, tock, tick, tock...”
Go very, very far away …
As I am so ready to begin my radiant, beautiful new day.
So Goodbye Fear, I wish you the best …
Without you, my life is going to be full of much zest!
-By Monica Carolan



The perfect smile.

Maybe flowers are the way in which the universe smiles at us ...
Thank you for this beautiful smile!!!!

 ♥♥♥ Love. ♥♥♥


♥ Everything is going to be just fine ♥

Don’t cry little one, everything will be ok.
Tomorrow is going to be a bright and beautiful new day.
You’re never alone, even if that is what you feel …
Just remember that situations aren’t always ideal.
If we choose to change the way we think and focus on what makes us smile,
We’ll finally create a life of love with our own unique, artistic style!
The birds are chirping and the butterflies are flying gracefully in the sky,
The wind is blowing gently and the sun is shining nearby.
The children are playing, reminding you that everything is more then fine,
And that maybe the reason we are here is to simply be happy and shine.
So no matter how exhausted you may be, make sure you are holding on tight …
Because life will catch you by surprise and before you know it, you’ll be flying as high as a kite!
Do what you must to turn that frown upside down …
Nobody wants to be hanging around sad frowns!
Remember that you are special in every single way,
Even if that isn’t what other people say.
Fill your life with infinite moments of love,
And finally, you will feel as free as a dove. 
-By Monica Carolan

♥ Love, love, love. ♥


Fearlessly open your heart. ♥

Maybe sometimes we simply forget ....

How love really is everywhere!
And that all we have to do to see it ...
Is fearlessly open our hearts.

So let's be brave.
Lets open our hearts.
Lets believe that good is stronger than evil,
That happiness is stronger than sadness,
And that love is stronger than fear.

Maybe all it takes is some believin'!